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제목 Gastech 2015 to connect Asian consumers 2015-07-20 20:12:03
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Gastech 2015 to connect Asian consumers with
global suppliers, focusing on emerging Asian
economies and pertinent trends
Monday, 20 July 2015, Singapore - As Asia and its emerging
economies rise to become the dominant importing region for liquefied natural gas (LNG), global suppliers,
investors and stakeholders are now looking firmly at Asia for positive momentum and the uptake of new
sources of gas and LNG supply. These sentiments were shared last month at an international gas
conference by Chevron chief executive John Watson who highlighted the need for new business models, to
keep alive the next wave of projects that would be needed to serve the rise in global demand for gas over
the next decade.
In line with focusing their business in this region, the world’s leading investors, stakeholders and players in
gas and LNG will gather in Singapore this October. Facilitating and driving these business discussions and
connections is the Gastech Conference & Exhibition from 27 to 30 October 2015.
The event’s four-day conference programme features a wealth of C-level executives representing key
investor, procurement and supplier interests. Truly reflective of the regional shift, the opening plenary
sessions on Tuesday 27 October 2015 focus on connecting global suppliers with key Asian consumers.
Are your operations fool-proof to tide over the challenging LNG market?
With highly volatile energy prices, the imminent completion of various LNG projects globally and a
tightening gas market due to highly-competitive alternative fuel sources, delegates can look forward to
hard-hitting debates with perspectives across the supply chain on pertinent issues that matter to their
business. One such example is the Suppliers and Importer Panel Debate on 27 October 2015. There will be
two panel sessions that will examine the impact of lower oil and LNG prices on buyers and sellers over the
next five years. Confirmed panel members representing global suppliers include the President of
ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing; the President of Chevron Asia-Pacific E&P; and the President of ENGIE
LNG and others. Representing the Asian consumers on the final panel debate are further global influencers,
including Lin Sheng-Chung, Chairman of CPC Taiwan; Hiroki Sato, Vice President of LNG Procurement at
JERA; Kwon Young Sik, the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of KOGAS, and others.
Four days of discussions, debates, insights across 10 topics
Highlighting more specific commercial and technical aspects, the conference will address 10 highlyrelevant
topics: gas market outlook, future use of gas and LNG in the Asian fuel mix, contracting, pricing
and trading, LNG projects: non-technical risks and deliver, application of innovative technology, shipping,
gas as a transport fuel, health, safety, security and environment, emerging gas market developments and
investment, and FLNG innovation with containment and storage.
Delegates can also expect to hear from speakers who will discuss and share their experiences on a variety
of unique and notable projects, ranging from the world’s largest LNG storage tanks to new generation LNG
carriers. Gastech 2015 will also feature case studies from all over the world including those from Indonesia,
South Korea, China to US. 
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